08 August 2004

Enter In

"Enter In"

Enter in, he beckons us
Enter in and no longer act only as a spectator.
Enter in and sweat, shed tears, shed blood. Experience. Enter in with me, as I enter in with them.

Come, enter in. Celebrate and be present when I anoint your head with oil, when I lead you by streams of living water. Be awake when I restore your soul.

Feast--Enter in--taste and see that I am good; that I suffer when you suffer, that my heart also breaks. Enter in--hear in your heart, soul and mind when I call you my Beloved.
Enter in as I have entered in. Die to yourself when children tug too hard on your hand pleading over and over, Auntie, rice, milk, give. Enter in when you refuse to give even when I ask you to because you have deemed it an unworthy case. Enter in and humble yourself and I will forgive you.

Enter in even when you give and they ask for more. Enter in and know what it feels like in my heart when you refuse the gifts I give you and ask for more, for something different.

Enter in, suffer with me, for my love and forgiveness
heal you when you are present,
touch you when your hands are outstretched,
console you when your tears wet my feet.

Enter in.
Come near to my heart.
Come near to the poor and find that you yourself are poor.
Enter in and find that what you thought would destroy you
is the only thing that can save you;
and what you thought would take everything from you
is the only thing that can fill you;
when your incapacitating thirst is quenched only by coming near enough to take a drink from me.

Because I am here, and I will never run dry.


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