11 October 2005

My Very Own South Park Character

As a disclaimer to this random post, I haven't ever watched a full episode of South Park. But last night hanging out at Lindsey's, she showed us a website where you can choose different clothes, hairstyles, accessories and facial expressions and create your very own South Park character. She made one for me that was blond and short and chubby, wearing a pink sweater and scarf, sitting in heaven. They even have things like blood splatters, grisly cuts and black eyes that you can add to your replica to make it more authentic.

We messed around with it for a while, and all of us were slightly uncomfortable while our little flesh-toned character didn't have clothes on and was just standing there looking cold and exposed like a kid before their bath, waiting on the screen for us to put a boyscout uniform or santa jacket on him or her. It's a cartoon, for crying out loud, but it still somehow seemed obscene.

I was drivng home thinking about the fact that sometimes I really do behave like the worst cartoon character version of myself. Even though God promised us that he knit us together in our mother's wombs, sometimes I find it easier to recognize the parts of me that desire to uncontrolably blurt out expletives than the parts that reflect his glory and image, the fact that I am a beloved daughter. I guess part of being his child is learning to see the Father's goodness in our lives in spite of this most of the time and embarassing South Park version of ourselves.


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