11 February 2006

latest viewing

I watched this movie last night. It's kind of home video-ish--I actually stopped it, thinking that I hadn't started it at the right place because it looks so low budget. But you get used to it, and I even enjoyed the rawness of it. And its a great story.

Also, I got it from UCity library, so it was free. I always forget what a great collection of foreign and old movies they have there. Ahh UCity library: wearing corduroy pants and cardigans that are worn out at the elbows. Oh how I love you. I've decided to try to spend the next few months renting movies from there rather than getting the latest blockbuster fluff. We'll see how long that lasts.

Another from the good ol library was "In the Time of the Butterflies", which also happens to be a great book by Julia Alvarez. The book is better, as is almost always the case. It's a rather chilling story of a family of sisters who stirred up what turned out to be a not-so-quiet revolution in the Dominican Republic under the regime of the dictator Trujillo. The movie was made in 2001 and has Selma Hayak as the star power, and it was well acted. It's always kind of nice when people who are famous use their notoriety to tell stories that need to be told and stand up for causes that need to be heard.

Kinda like Bono. I finally got a chance to read the prayer breakfast homily text in full. I gotta say, I know that the "evangelical" church doesn't like to admit it, but that was some preaching. Can I get an amen?


Blogger Courtney said...

Hey Ange! I finally figured out how to do the links to friends blogs; woo hoo! Those movies sound interesting. Where is Ucity library? Sounds cool. We can get fun movies from there for our uber-cute apartment WHEN we get it:) love ya!

12:59 PM  

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