04 February 2009

when words don't seem to do the trick.

it is a bright, cold, clear winter night, and i find myself nestled in bed amidst piles of reading-for-fun and reading-for-school books. the radiators are hissing occasionally but not warming up the rooms super well. there are creaks and thumps in this old building; it is only early evening, yet it is quite dark and still.

2009 has already been...well...full. i can't seem to find the right things to say in the right ways. when this is the case, i usually resort to music.

there are some albums that i rely on that generally just...work. whether it is a night like tonight or a warm, long-on-the-dusk summer evening out on the back steps, watching the sky turn from blue to black....i find that these three albums by good ol' linford all smushed together in a playlist of gentle awesomeness are just right: unspoken requests, grey ghost stories, i don't think there's no need to bring nothin.

lately i step back and look at my life and see that i am wrestling for a blessing and failing to believe and returning to the altar to kneel. i am surprised and blessed every day by the community i've been given. we're stumbling along together.

and i don't think there's no need to bring nothin.


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