15 February 2006

valentine's day. makings of a mix

if we could only see.

find love
. clem snide
look for me as you go by
. the innocence mission
metropol 47
. mark kozelek
unchained melody.
i want you to be my love.
over the rhine
lover, you should have come over.
jeff buckley
latter days
. over the rhine
gathering dust. david gray
high and dry. radiohead
all mixed up. redhousepainters
we dream an ocean in ohio. linford detweiler
sweet thing. van morrison
sunny sunday. leona naess
i don’t think i’ll ever get over you. colin hay
every street in town . greg brown
with or without you . u2
which will . nick drake
pictures of you . cure
signed, sealed, delivered . stevie wonder
you’re just too good to be true. lauryn hill
love and some verses . iron and wine


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