28 January 2008


This post is in celebration of wireless at home! Thanks Pops!!!

Classes started today and I think it's going to be a good semester. I have Crisis & Transition, New Testament History & Theology, Psychological Disorders, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Humanity, Christ & Redemption. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the semester holds.

I was talking with a sweet friend today about anxiety, and she commented about how it seems like everyone around seems to be anxious about one thing or another. It seemed sad and strange to us that this would be the case, seeing that supposedly we have peace, joy and hope. We decided to pray together on a regular basis, which I'm very excited about, because I go through seasons of talking about prayer more than actually praying, which is a problem!! I read a really good book a few years ago called The Reign of Graceby Scotty Smity that dealt with all kinds of themes. Some words in it that have stuck with me:
"Do you know what the most frequent command in the Bible turns out to be? What instruction, what order is given, again and again, by God, by angels, by Jesus, by prophets and apostles? What do you think--"Be good"? "Be holy--for I am holy"? Or, negatively, "Don't sin" or "Don't be immoral"? No. The most frequent command in the Bible is "Don't be afraid." Don't be afraid. Fear not. Don't be afraid." N.T. Wright

This one's for you, Keen...Last Wednesday night closing the library I hit myself in the face with a door, which was exciting (but not as graceful as dodging the wire dangling precariously in the middle of NSC Bose Road, just before the slippery dog spot). It (the running into the door) made about a half inch split on my forehead and was kinda bloody, and funny after it stopped hurting. But it was a really fantastic day other than that, because of news from this favorite buddy of mine, and free dinner from Pei Wei.
This movie scene, which I'm watching right now, never fails to crack me up in a serious way: "Start the fire, the feet are goin....I make the pizza...Hips are always goin...Can't get enough hip!"

photo from: Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers
Starting to dig these guys....thanks to a wonderful review recommended by Dassler and written by a talented fellow who makes his home and living in our hood.

Aight. Random post over. Time to get myself signed up for SKYPE. All you skype using kids out there, buddify me, ok?


Blogger Claire said...

that was a random post. i very much enjoyed it. i thought the Hooray at the beginning was "Hooray for apples" but i guess wireless internet is good too. although i don't think it helps keep the doctor away. hope this semester goes well!

8:32 PM  
Blogger laura said...

i love that dance in hitch... and when they dance at the end!

and, i love those words about not being afraid- i agree a lot of my circle of friends seems to have some anxiety. what a wonderful command, if only i could keep it :)

thanks for the thoughts. lovely.

7:18 PM  

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