15 February 2008

people get riled up sometimes

Interesting. One of my professors wrote this and the 190something comments on it have devolved into a rather incoherent catfight. At times in the name of God, and Jesus, and the Bible. Talking about interracial marriage slides into debates about Jesus' support of slavery. Read a few of the comments and you'll start to get an ulcer, and a headache, and start to be very surprised that we haven't already torn ourselves apart as a country--divided over things that Martin Luther King talked about fifty-ish years ago and that we try to pretend do not simmer right under the surface.


His blog is interesting from the bits I've read...From experiences in other cultures, I get the feeling that we Americans have a tenacious love of personal rightness. So it's interesting to read because he stirs the pot about what you wouldn't think would be very controversial things, and everybody and their moms (well, it's directed toward "fellas", but that's another topic) comes outta the woodwork to give their opinion, or their opinion about what the Bible says, or their opinion of why his blog is a stupid waste of time and cyberspace. I don't really enjoy arguments because I find them somewhat pointless and exhausting, but I like to observe the interactions between people on there. It's not always right or always wrong or always pertinent, but it's interesting. And he admits all the time in class that he has a spelling issue, so don't let that bother you.

And sadly, or not so sadly, someone commented on his post about yesterday's response to the interracial marriage article with this. And it is kind of funny.

And now, I'm skype chatting with Jess, which is far more awesome than this! I'm outie!!


Blogger april said...

on that 'other topic'--why does he address 'the fellas'? ...hm
btw, bono said hi

11:22 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

i just read the first post about interracial marriages and their relationship with racial reconciliation... i feel that way about ecumenism. i think the church will not be truly ecumenical until we start supporting and encouraging inter-tradition marriages and providing resources for the two parties.

10:39 AM  

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