18 April 2008

Earthquakes, baseball, last call song

So the big news is that today many of us here in St. Louis woke up to an earthquake (5.2 at the epicenter, somewhere in Illinois). In spite of growing up in California with years of "duck & cover" drills, I sat in bed thinking, "Oh my, I'm having heart palpitations...Oh...My bed is shaking, the walls are shaking. Oh, it must be an earthquake." Just sitting there. No running to a doorway like a sensible, earthquake safety trained person. My instincts didn't kick in. I think the funniest part is that my mom thought to herself, "Why am I shivering?" Hahahaha. It made me think of elementary school, when we had to make sure each year we had our earthquake kits, complete with tiny tins of canned fruit & water, and those little sausages, and emergency blankets.

Yesterday I played hookie from day classes and went to the Cards game with Linz. It was lovely to catch up, soak in the sun (& receive an embarrassing sunburn) and watch people...and the game a little bit too. Linz's favorite part is the "last call beer song" that they play on the organ, and to which they show a video of the prancing clydesdales. Linz did a nice little dance...sitting down....with kicks and jazz hands...to the whole song. I especially liked the "bring it home" section. I liked the whole thing, actually, but I think the fellas behind us liked it even more.

Marriage and family was particularly good last night. Dr. Zink made the comment that the good marriage is not based on excellence or doing things right, but on faithfulness. That'll leave us something to chew on.

When I look at the painting of the girl watching the trees, I think of Renae and Heidi H, which is happy. The leaves are pushing the white blossoms off of the trees and they catch the fluid edges of the wind. It is a snowstorm of blossoms today.


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