23 February 2008

My friend April shared this moving post with me a few days ago and I'm still thinking about it. I began following this blog during the ebola outbreak, and my friend Heidi is working with these folks now. I like this worship because it remembers and grieves and hopes all at the same time:

Pain, by Aaron Strumpel
My life so far has been touched by your grace,
but there’s still things that shake me
I grow nearly faint when I see all the pain,
there’s times I wish I wasn’t so tender.

There’s AIDS in the world and cancer in my friends,
and I’m sick now, cause I’m scared
There’s people on the street too cold to feel their feet,
and I’m shaking inside cause they hurt.

Our kids just don’t know to live in your love
is all we need to be saved
It’s simple enough, is it just like they say?
Can we call on your name to get help?

When I hear your voice, I won’t harden my heart,
and I don’t want to turn away from you.
And it’s just round the corner
when every knee will bow,
and freedom will come

And it’s just round the corner
when you come in the clouds
and pain will be no more.


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