24 April 2008

My friend John wrote a nice reflection on beauty and justice in thinking about & getting ready for Saturday's Freedom Night. I'm really thankful for the little IJM group that I've been able to be a part of this year--discussions, prayer, attempting to advocate for justice on campus. I often get pretty antsy with where I am in life, wanting to fly off and get my hands dirty in the ways I see fit without really seeking what faithfulness and obedience look like right where I live my days. It's good for me to wait, to see God's faithfulness and calling in new ways. It keeps me on my toes.

photo courtesy of Dassler.

It has been a crazy few weeks...I'm having trouble coming to terms lately, I guess because these times feel full. Wednesday night after a lovely dinner with a dear friend, I spent about an hour in the perfect evening sitting at the Grand Basin in Forest Park. Just sat praying and watching ducks motor around the brightly lit fountains, listening to the night birds and the water. It was good to slow down and listen.

Last night after a long day of classes and studying there was fellowship, bavarian chips, good discussion, and even some much needed processing and prayer on a sidewalk in the Central West End. I see God meeting me in the desperate places with surprises. It reminds me of things I had forgotten about from around this same time last year. I have lessons I seem to always repeat, but God is patient and faithful.


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