08 May 2006

"Darkness cannot overcome light"

Diary of a mad white woman:

Enough. I throw my hands in the air, shrug my shoulders in tense hostility, in desperation. I can't believe any of this anymore. Sometimes even my own game is revealed to me as such a deception, a ridiculous farce.

But we play, we strap knives to our bodies and run at one another:I love you! I love you, screaming in anger and with furrowed brows.

I love you, really I do.

This is just me, in my own insane little way, admitting that I'm at a loss, and I just don't get it.

On a completely different note. This is the new music I'm listening to tonight. It just arrived in the mail today in a small brown padded envelope. It is an ache of beauty, I feel like I have heard it already one thousand times on the first go around, and it makes everything seem a little less dark.

Cheers: to those who help me not to feel quite so insane (even though I undoubtedly am), quite so strung out (even though the shifty eyes and volitilty betray it to be true), quite so much like I've been tumbled around in one of those giant, super hot laundry-mat dryers (even though the way I feel is like an absolute loon with some seriously bad hair.)

Tonight, cheers to those ones. And to good old Don.


Blogger Jesse D. Heirendt said...

Cheers, this hotel thing kinda sucks....we'll have to grab a drink when i get back...


6:53 AM  
Blogger Heidi said...

Cheers to you, Angela, for making me feel a little less crazy in my own "volatility!" :) nice blog, heidi

5:54 PM  
Blogger angela said...

thanks heidi, jess.

i guess we all have times where we feel like we are hanging on by a thread. nice to know we're not alone

8:39 AM  

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