12 May 2006

Red-winged Blackbird

I was walking in Forest Park the other day and was surprised by this unexpected loveliness by one of the ponds. I'll admit I decided to let my romantic side win this time in the war that it constatly wages with my perfectionist/critical realist tendencies, and take it as a sign from God.

He still has some surprises up his big ol sleeves. And I think that is what hope looks like today.

I've grown up reading stories like the one in Exodus 14, but I still need to be reminded of how beautiful it is when we see him working, when we get it.

"Seeing" generally requires actually looking, but when I saw this red-winged blackbird, I most definitely was not looking. I believe I was complaining to him, or maybe just caught up in my own thoughts. And in swooped this creature, waking me up, shaking my jaded heart with a revelation of beauty, my head with the thought, "Well I never."


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