30 May 2006


i was at a fun gathering yesterday and we were talking movies/tv shows. i think that there should be a forum for recommendations of favorites--movies, shows on dvd, books, new restaurants you've discovered.

here are a few recent films & tv shows that i've enjoyed. maybe i'll do books & restaruants later.

"everything is illuminated"--don't let the cheesy cover design and badly chosen font fool you. this movie is good--strange, quirky, thought provoking and funny. my favorite character is the grandfather, who thinks he's blind and needs a seeing-eye bitch, whose name is sammy davis, jr., jr. she wears a "uniform" so that you know she's "official". take that back. the phrase stuck in my head is how young alex pronounces "sammy davis, jr., jr." with his thickly ukranian accented english.

"pride & prejudice"...upon third viewing, kiera knightly is wrong for elizabeth, but it is still beautiful.

"arrested development"--just watch it. either season, any episode.

"the station agent"-- a plain ole great story.

"the office"--the complete first series, british version. be forewarned, it's a kinda wrong at times, but also very funny. takes an episode or two to get you, but then you're hooked.


Anonymous Heidi Vincent said...

Impeccable taste Angela! I've seen all but "Everything is Illuminated" and "The Station Agent". I would add..."The Princess and the Warrior", "I Heart the Huckabees" and "In July". Oh and "Mostly Martha" is sensational too!

1:17 PM  
Blogger angela said...

i really (!) liked mostly martha, but the rest i've yet to see. thanks for the recommendations!

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Heidi Vincent said...

Wow! Our taste in movies is really similar!

1:27 PM  

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