04 August 2006

You need quiet while a hot dog is singing?

1) What is a movie that changed the way you think and act? Or just got you thinking, if the first question is too intimidating.

Schindler's List, Hotel Rwanda, The Spitfire Grill

2) It's a late autumn evening and rainy and cold? What do you have for dinner/snack? What movie do you pop in the DVD player?

dinner: tomato soup and grilled cheese, coffee
movie: Little Women (YAY laura!) or While You Were Sleeping or You've Got Mail.

3) You are off to wee Himalayan hamlet for a year, your laptop hard drive can hold one film. What will it be?

Sense & Sensibility or Pride & Prejudice, it's a toss-up.

4) What movie made you laugh the hardest? What movie made you cry?

Laugh: Waiting for Guffman, When Harry Met Sally, Lost in Translation
Cry: Hotel Rwanda, In America, Jack the Bear, Shadowlands, Nobody Knows (oh MY GOODNESS, this is the saddest movie I've ever seen)

5) Favorite actor (female, male)?
Female: Emma Thompson, Renee Zellweger (jn Cold Mountain); Audrey Tautou, Franka Potente
Male: John Cusack (even though he always plays the same character. He's just so darn cute.); Johnny Depp, Jack Black, Colin Firth, Anthony Hopkins

6) What book or story would you like to see made into a film or what book do you love that could never be made into a film?
The Brothers K...but it would be condensed and you'd lose the years of character development, so it would be awful and ruined. Byzantium, an epic story about a monk on a quest. One of my momma's favorites, and mine too now, and it's a great story to get lost in.

7) What is a movie that immediately after you watched it, you wish you hadn't?
The Cell with Jennifer Lopez. Awful, truly awful.

8) Do you read movie reviews? Before, after, never? Whose reviews do you find the best? Are you an analyzer?

Not usually a review reader, almost always an analyzer.

9) What movie do you think is a must see, but that you can only recommend with caveats? What movie do you really like, but can only recommend with caveats?
Mmm. not sure.

10) What movie do you most wish to share with your friends?

The Life Aquatic--very strange, Bill Murry.... funny and weird. Goonies!!


Blogger Heidi said...

How could I have forgotten Colin Firth?

"The Cell"- ugh, I hated that movie too!

9:46 PM  

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