03 November 2006


*embroidery floss in a variety of colors.
*regular felt in a variety of colors (i got it at walmart)
*sharp scissors
*large embroidery needle (i find this easiest)
*1/8th inch grossgrain ribbon in variety of colors
* cluster polyfill--comes in a cheap pillow-sized bag

1. draw a few pattern shapes on cardstock--heart, christmas tree, snowman, mitten, dove, angel, etc. take into account about an eighth-inch seam to sew the edges together.
2. use the pattern to cut the ornament shapes out of the felt for both front and back pieces
3. cut about a 24 inch length (or longer) of embroidery floss and separate and use 2-3 strands instead of 6. knot the end.
3. starting at the top (tree) or bottom (heart) do a blanket stitch about 3/4 the way around the shape with a contrasting color. i like them funkier, so i do red & turquoise or pink & gold, blue-green with bright green)
4. stuff with a little bit of polyfill
5. sew the stuffing hole closed
6. use a 2 inch length of ribbon to loop on the top & sew to the backside of the ornament with matching thread or floss to hang it

* if you do any embroidery details, do it between steps 2 & 3 (sewing the yellow line on the chrstmas tree). things like adding the star can be done last. it can be tacked on to the top of the finished tree before you add the ribbon

i don't know if this makes sense...if you don't know how to blanket stitch, have someone show you and it is super easy.


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