04 October 2006

All things go.

Moving beyond what we know and are accustomed to is not a comfortable process. As Walter Brueggeman writes: "Imagination is dangerous."

Things are not as they should be. Do we taste this bitterness? Do we grieve? Do we experience God's mourning for his children who choose rebellion and idolatry over love, freedom and salvation?

Do we have the hunger for God that drives us beyond small constructs we form in order to make sense of things...we seek so desperately to satiate these gnawing aches that are planted by God for the very purpose of moving us to a deeper desire and ability to see His Kingdom here, to seek His Kingdom come?

Are we willing to follow no matter what disorder and seeming chaos it brings to "our" lives? Are we ready yet again, today, this minute, to surrender?

You came to take us
All things go. All things go.
To re-create us.
All things grow. All things grow.
We had our minds set.
All things know. All things know.
You had to find it.
All things go. All things go.
sufjan stevens


Blogger Lisa said...

i heart those lyrics very very much.

6:28 PM  

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