29 September 2006


I dreamt I was visiting downtown St. Louis and it looked like something out of Dickens’ 19th century London—skuzzy, gray, cobble-stoned, misty, candles in windows, disease filled with rats running hither and tither. My dad and I came upon an amazing open-sided cathedral thing and I didn’t know the story of it. It was clean and polished and beautiful, with these intricately carved arches and pillars, and large healing pools.

We wandered around the maze of it until we came to the chapel, where there was a karaoke-type worship service going on with synthesizer background tracks and a garishly made-up old woman with dyed black hair singing “Tears in Heaven.” The audience was scattered about on the old wooden pews with looks of content joy on their faces, and some were clapping a little.

We walked through a side door and came to a small room where we were going to watch a movie on my dad’s laptop about the origin of the place, which was apparently the object of a great war fought long ago. It began with a close-up of Rex Harrison (Professor Higgins from My Fair Lady) speaking, quite badly I could tell, Arabic. He was very impassioned and leaning against a stone pillar, being battered by the rain.

Then I woke up. I made some coffee and reflected that I was somewhat disappointed to not get to hear what the war was about. I love dreams. Anyone else dream vividly and bizarrely & remember it?


Blogger Heidi said...

Angela- not only do I love dreams- I love to interpret dreams...

This one strikes me as contemplating the mystery of the movement of God's people (the church) through history and struggling to comprehend the meaning in the beauty and idiosyncrasies of it all.

Tears in heaven... war and conflict...

Somehow transformed despite everything- beautiful and with healing pools. (And we don't know the story of it, yet.)

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dreams are usually so realistic I need to tell myself that it was a dream when I wake up. I've talked with people in my dreams and then think we've talked in real life or thought I put an object somewhere in my dream and then look for it there when I wake up and its not there. weird stuff.

A dream when I was growing up- The cops were coming to get my mom. I didn't know why. We were at a front door of what I guess was our house but it opened to this pitch blackness. I was told my mom had to go to jail for wearing too short of pajamas! Crazy.

Before school started this year I had wild dreams of my students taking over the classroom and that I couldn't get them calmed down! That woke me up in a bit of a panic! (maybe a touch of anxiety was in my heart)

I usually tell Heidi my dreams because she has good interpretations of what's going on in my heart. Thanks Miss Harbin!

-blessings, Tanya

6:56 AM  
Blogger Heidi V. said...

Angela, this is a really neat post! I love that your dream set you back in time and the church was SO different from the manky cobblestone streets. Once Jacob and I had the same dream about cleaning Calvin's dining hall in which we both were singing and floating. The louder we sang the higher we went. I should clarify, neither of us were in the other’s dream. It was more like we had been inserted in the same dream scenario on the same night. I think that one may have been from God. Not totally sure. Please Jesus bless us with dreams that bring us closer to you! P.S. I dream a lot about swimming and flying...maybe it’s God’s way of reminding us how great Heaven will be.

12:03 PM  

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