12 March 2007


I'm in Florida hanging out with some incredible friends. It has been three days of good conversations and laughing and fun. I've missed Kyle & Michelle's friendship--it's pretty amazing to pick up where we left off when they returned to the states two years ago to have Isaac.

In the middle of returning to the states to have a baby, Kyle and Michelle began the process of adopting Prema, a precious little girl who they found three years ago wandering the streets of Calcutta. She is eight now and living with them, being nurtured in some amazing ways. She is deaf and is struggling with Reactive Attachment Disorder, which occurs in situations when children's first several months or years are marked by trauma and insecurity. They do not know how to attach to a caregiver because they've always had to care for themselves. Anyways, Kyle and Michelle are pretty much amazing--becoming fluent in both American Sign Language and in the therapies required to work through RAD. It's an incredibly tough job. They are showing Prema, who acts out and tests limits like an 18-month old, what communication, discipline and unconditional love look like--things she has never known.

Isaac, their two year old, is the kind of kid you smile just thinking about. When I got off the tram to go to baggage claim, Isaac and Kristin were there, and Isaac said, "Welcome Ange! (weh-come, Anch)." I taught him how to say, "It's balmy!" and am working on "sense of humor". Isaac is a funny little guy who loves to talk.

Kristin is the ultimate beach girl (and I am sunburned), and we've been enjoying the 80 degree weather and driving in Kristin's dad's convertible. Can't say that's such a bad thing. It's been great to hang out with Kristin and hear her heart for the girls of Sonagacchi. Saribari is doing well and God is bringing his kingdom one heart and life at a time. The WMF staff have a new freedom to love and nurture in very broken lives. They themselves are being transformed. This is where it's at, in my opinion....Love (excellence, thank you Elder Jones) is God taking broken lives, weakness, the seemingly irreparable and lavishing his perfect grace and goodness all over it. There is a tenacity required, a commitment to believe that only he can transform hearts, only he can give us the strength to do what he asks. There's more to that discussion, but for another time ;)

Yesterday we had breakfast and great conversation and played at the beach. Prema frolicked in the water and gets to be a kid and swim with her dad, make sand castles with her mom. That's a miracle I don't mind watching.

The sunset was gorgeous, it was a great day. We're all sad Court had to work and could not be here for this mini reunion. I'll post pictures later. Hope St. Louis is treating you all well. Peace out.


Blogger Courtney said...

Sounds perfect. Can't wait to see some pictures; and you! Love and miss ya,


11:10 AM  
Blogger Heidi said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Welcome back- will love to hear your thoughts on the "freedom to love and nurture" WMF thing.

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's beautiful that Kyle and Michelle both learned ASL. When I was in Grand Rapids I learned that (at least in Grand Rapids) only 40% of parents with deaf children learn Sign. It broke my heart. Praise Jesus for loving parents! Praise God for adoption! Reading this post really warmed my heart.
Glad you're back. And man we've really gotta do something about hanging out soon cause you’re neato.
P.S. Did you know Maggie will be home in a month or so? Yips and Skips. Please pray about her culture shock. As you know, it’s not going to be easy to be back. :(
Heidi V.

1:28 PM  
Blogger April said...

you still chillin' in florida? I don't think you are...so i hope you're chillin' at home. can't wait to see you in just a bit over a week!!! but, we'll touch base before then.

11:49 AM  
Blogger steph said...

anch - i loved reading this! i miss feeling like i'm a small part of these amazing lives you speak of, yours especially included. we shall talk soon. and maybe even see each other??? i'll be in omaha next month where i think i will be meeting your brother. will you be there? if not, could i swing through st. louis on my way? i would love to catch up with you soon.

8:13 AM  

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