15 March 2007


(magnolia, by Ethel Hiller)

It's always awkward to start back again when there's been a lull. Lack of internet access leaves me feeling disconnected and a little bit more aware at the same time.

Sacred rhythms. I wake in the mornings and make strong coffee and sit here, reading something that reminds my soul of who it is. I am reading more poetry and praying more, listening to music, allowing myself to think about things that have been dormant for a while. I find that if I am not quite intentional about pursuing these things--solitude, prayer, meditation, looking for the miracles happening all the time in the world around us--I miss out, feel haphazard and lost. God is near, present, watching, participating, speaking. I am struck by how quickly I lose my hearing, lose my sight, stumble and become afraid.

Spring has arrived, and I feel awakening, feel like I can taste those audacious green buds and white blossoms on my tongue, hear the world saying, "See, we know how to put on the best show." I watch, I listen. The heavens, indeed, declare the glory.


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