10 May 2007

Instead of getting immunizations and doing productive study (four hours of reading a day seems to be the limit), I find myself distracted by this (listen, listen--there's a banjo, and trumpets!), thanks to little Liz. Thanks, girl!
This is mighty nice too...kind of glowy room music.

Last night, Helen (the spunkiest four year old around, except Jude of course), told me a story as we waited for housechurch to begin. It included Mer-mice eating cheese under the ocean. Isn't that fabulous?

Just have to say that family is great....whatever form it comes in.

Happy Birthdays, KitchenGnomes!

The leaves outside these windows are the most satisfied of bright green. Lift up your head, take it all in!


Anonymous Neil E. Das said...

I liked the Feist song, and like "Mushaboom" as well. I do like banjos, particularly used like that or as Sufjan does. In bluegrass, though I do like a little of that, they tend to rather express their ADHD side a little too much for my liking.

Helen is, indeed, spunky and fun.

Happy, blessed studying/reading.

2:04 PM  

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