12 May 2008

cause i'm tired of my own blog

it has been a lovely mother's day/duel parent birthday weekend. my parents are pretty much the best, and that's all there is to it.

three finals to go. not using time wisely. license plates were stolen right off my (jesse's) car, right in front of my house. a friend had to tell me; i probably would not have noticed. should cold feet still be happening mid-may?

this is totally pretty. one more chapter to review, then sleep. i like school a lot, but man, it's been a busy few months. enough of the stream of consciousness...we all need to get back to work. yes, that means you.

oh but wait, first listen to this. it will probably make you cry though, because it's really beautiful. and have you seen "wit"? (this song is in that movie)...we watched part of it in class during discussions about death and dying. intense, moving, and obviously worth renting and crying your eyes out over too. ok, enough of the depressing recommendations. this is good too, and won't make you cry at all.

and one last thing. friends don't let friends drink chai at 10:30 at night. seriously. i'm going to have to do about an hour of this before i sleep tonight.


Blogger april said...

i love all the links in this blog. girl, you is dun right?! YES!

12:54 AM  
Blogger the kitchen gnomes said...

What was in that chai? You were all over the map on this one, but I loved it...especially the last "this"...what a hoot!

6:29 AM  

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