27 September 2008

September random happenings, random blog

It is quite lovely here in St. Louis right now. It has been 80 every day, sunny. We had the balloon glow and Hennapalooza 2008, a lovely birthday party at a winery. Life is blessed, and friends are great!!

School schedule has taken over. Life is busy and good....This week was kind of an intense one--I shared a testimony in chapel about Ethiopia and we had a ministry lunch about the trip (and others who were away in the summer) and it went really well! Helping arrange these kinds of things has been a really fun part of one of my jobs at school. Today is a bit of a breather with 6 uninterrupted non-sleeping hours at home! I love home! Am going to clean and study and cook! Wahoo!! (I am sounding much like Kristin right now).

I've yet to be tested or turn in any papers for class yet this semester, which is kind of unusual. It has lulled me into a dangerous state of denial/complacency that may bite back in a few weeks. We'll see...

Am looking at my tiny desk globe this morning and thinking about friends scattered....Galati, Kathmandu, LaPaz, Phoenix, Bundibugyo, Freetown, Largo, Paso Robles, Omaha, Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Kolkata, Morogoro, Addis...and other locations. Won't the reunion be great?

The other night I had a great conversation with the roomie and decided to take a walk in the beautiful evening to see my favorite neighborhood fountains. Instead, when I reached the lake, I came upon the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra giving a free outdoor concert in the natural amphitheater of the hill coming down from the art museum. They played a waltz from carousel that was particularly beautiful, and a Berlioz "Hungarian March." And then there were fireworks. It was a perfect night. What a surprise!

The Great Debaters
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (quite lovely...watch it!!)

Listening: mixes gifted from friends. Love it!! Among the goodies:
Gagging Order, Radiohead
The Story, Brandi Carlyle

Reading (required and non):
God's Design: A Focus on Old Testament Theology, Martens
Surprised by Hope, Wright
The Holy Spirit, Ferguson
Freedom At Midnight, Collins & LaPierre
Life in Biblical Israel, King & Stager
Simple Spirituality, Heuertz (!)
Crafty Blogs: Flour, wikstenmade, Paperiaarre, La Chataigne

This is eating away a beautiful morning. Best be getting going now.


Blogger april said...

where'd you find the french blog?
'flour' is amazing

7:56 PM  
Blogger Daphne said...

YEAH family reunion!!!! :)

love more than i can say, the diving bell and the butterfly. and was nearly AS disappointed with babymama. :(

love and miss you ange, it's great to get a taste of your life these days. in the autumn i think of you and court and that sweet trip jara and i took to stl, and miss you extra much. that was such a lovely time for me. thanks again! :)

7:53 AM  
Blogger angela said...

the french blog was a rabbit trail from this blog that i can't find now that was real crafty and cute with something about monkeys in the title.

and thanks daph, that was a really fun and memorable weekend! fall in st. louis, gangsta rap. makes me miss the ol volvo wagon and you guys in the back.

9:43 AM  

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