10 June 2008

"we will only see as much grace as we risk needing."

Excerpt from this great post on this great blog.

"Jars, a whole village’s collection, in 2 Kings 4, gathered by a widow and mysteriously filled with oil. In the morning’s sermon the young preacher quoted William Carey’s 'Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God...' The oil flowed to fill every pot she brought, the abundance equal to her vision and industry. A great picture for us: we will only see as much grace as we risk needing."
from paradoxuganda

Also, listen to this: Breathe in Breathe Out. Nice.


Blogger Elle said...

nothing ventured = nothing gained
it is so true , sometimes we have to risk to recieve his blesssings.
Great Post!

7:16 PM  
Blogger jane. said...

* random, but i was looking on heidi lutjens' blog...saw your comment. i'm actually going to uganda to visit my fiance on monday (woo hoo!) and staying with heidi and was trying to snoop around her blog to figure out some fun gifts to bring her. do you have any ideas? i'm at janeleeis@gmail.com......

3:18 PM  

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