31 October 2008

mine are definitely not as good as the contestants in dassler's haiku contest, but i was inspired...and am enjoying being a little crazy syllable counter and taking it all in.

Each fall the leaves turn,
heavy with color and full
of summer’s long light.

They hang on, and shine.
It is time to relinquish--
down spinning they come.

stop and listen
Sun shining and bright
orange trees reaching to the sky.
In the wind: selah.

October 28, 4:46 P.M.
Incandescent trees--
perfectly orchestrated
haphazard glory.

not so far off...

Christmas Eve

Three birds glide and stop
to sing me a winter hymn
from a high, bare branch.

did you know that if you are doing skype chat, you can drag songs from your itunes to share with members of your chat? how cool. someone did that for me this week, and i got this out of it. amazing.


Blogger Calvin said...

Thanks for the skype tip, and that movie 'once' freaking sweet!

Peace Ang!

4:28 AM  

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