31 March 2009

I love you, gentlest of Ways,
who ripened us as we wrestled with you.

You, the great homesickness we could never shake off,

you, the forest that always surrounded us,
you, the song we sang in every silence,
you dark net threading through us...

rainer maria rilke.
love poems to God.

26 March 2009

ida pearle: season, kites
walking in the park this week i have seen a lot of this.
spring break = scone baking therapy. new book and happykneesock christmas presents. writing. botanical gardens and cherry blossoms. reading mary oliver & billy collins. conversations about manuals for people. catching up on good posts on favorite blogs. and music:
johann johannsson
riceboy sleeps: all the big trees

m. ward: poison cup

21 March 2009

lighten up.

waking up, the world is waking up.
already, and not yet.
spring: break out of the darkness into the longer days; i think we are ready for your surprises.

day of lions. nice.
going to see these guys tonight. thinking about riding my bike. thinking about how sometimes we lose our voices to our thoughts...clearing my throat and warming up to start to sing a new song with all of those birds out there.

enjoying not wearing heavy. winter. coats.

and swaying along to andrew bird...why?

and wanting to see this: weathered.

bradford pear buds from flickr.